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Urban Still Lifes


Black Pigeon with Rainbow Sidewalk Prisms Oil on Panel 20"x16" Available

Flamingos in the Sculpture Pond, Lincoln Center Oil on Paper 12"x12" Available

Railing and Cerulean Sky Oil on panel: 12"x12" Available

Ginko in Fall Oil on Paper: 10"x10" Sold

Pigeons and Vines Oil on Panel: 12" x12" Available

Central Park Bridge Railing I Oil on Panel: 12"x12" Available

Point of View Oil on Panel 11"x14" Available

Bethesda Fountain after the Rain Oil on panel: 12"x12" Available

Sun on Parkway Arch Oil on Canvas: 24"x18" Available

Sun on Girders and Vines Oil on Canvas: 24"x24" Sold

Drainpipe - Henry Hudson Parkway Oil on Canvas: 8"x6" Available

Drinking Fountain, Central Park Oil on Panel: 12"x12" Sold

Attic Windows Watercolor: 7"x10" Available: Prints or Original

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