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Urban Still Lifes


Central Park Bridge Railing I Oil on Panel: 12"x12" Available

Point of View Oil on Panel 11"x14" Available

Sun on Girders and Vines Oil on Canvas: 24"x24" Sold

Bethesda Fountain after the Rain Oil on panel: 12"x12" Available

Central Park Bridge Railing II Oil on Panel: 12"x12" Available

Sun on Parkway Arch Oil on Canvas: 24"x18" Available

Drainpipe - Henry Hudson Parkway Oil on Canvas: 8"x6" Available

Drinking Fountain with Roses Oil on Panel: 12"x12" Available

Attic Windows Watercolor: 7"x10" Available: Prints or Original

Tulip Leaves in the Window Watercolor: 8"x8" Available: Prints or Original

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