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NYC Skyline at Sunset

New York City Skyline at Sunset Oil on Panel 16"x16" Available

Bethesda Fountain After a Rain web

Bethesda Fountain after the Rain Oil on panel: 12"x12" Available

Rooftops - Upper West Side Gouache 10"x10" Available: Prints or Original

Reflections on a Manhattan Moon Watercolor 13.5"x9.5" Prints Available

Corner of Collegiate Church Oil on Panel 10"x10" Available

Painted Brick Amsterdam Ave Oil on Panel 10"x10" Not Available

Afternoon Light Central Park Oil on Panel 10"x10" Available

Windows at Snug Harbor Watercolor 16"x12" Available: Prints or Original

Windows, Upper Westside Oil on Panel 12"x12" Not Available

Porthole Stoops Watercolor 8"x8" Available: Prints or Original

Roofs - Upper Westside Gouache 10"x10" Available: Prints or Original

Cylinder Stoop Pastel 8.25"x7.25" Not Available

Attic Windows Watercolor 7"x10" Available: Prints or Original

Sunlit Stoop Watercolor 10"x8" Not Available

Storm Clouds Over Columbus Avenue Oil on board 12"x12" Available

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